Southwest Australia 2007

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[Farmhaus in Tuart Forest N.P.] [small Schoolhouse (Tuart Forrest N.P.)] [Busselton Jetty] [XXL Jetty 1800m]

[Spring near Ellensbrooks-Homestead] [Ellensbrooks-Homestead] [Beach near Margret River Mouth] [Margret River Mouth]

[Surfer ahoi] [Augusta Jetty] [near Augusta] [Augusta Beach]

[Emus near Pemerton] [well, some roos also] [on top of a Firetree] [quite tall]

[Ocean View] [Fire Warning] [Treetop Walk] [Treetop Walk]

[near Albany] [Frenchmans Bay] [Lea] [Highway No.1]

[Grasshopper Attack]

[Firetree top-down View] [Firetree Ladder] [climbing a firetree] [Treetop Bridge]

[hollow giant tree] [root system]

All pictures © Gerhard Ortner

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