Southern South Australia 2007

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[Clare Valley Wine Cellar] [Seven Hills] [Seven Hills Winery] [Downtown Adelaide]

[7 Hills Church] [Bird Alarm!]

[Adelaide University] [Adelaide Streetlife] [Glasshouse] [Rosery]

[Adelaide Botanic Garden] [Quandong Tree]

[Fountain] [Murry Bridge] [Boats at Murry] [Houseboats]

[Meningle] [typical small town] [Lobster] [Obelisk at Robe]

[Policemens Point] [Mt. Gambier Blue Lake] [all kinds of Blue] [Mt. Gambier Brown Lake]

[Mt. Gambier 270 Panorama]

[don't swim! ski!] [Irrigation] [Mt. Gambier Lookout Tower] [Sinkhole]

[green walls] [Mt. Schank Crater] [Schank Meteor Crater]

[green curtain]

All pictures © Gerhard Ortner

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