Nullarbor Plain 2007

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[Salt Lake near Noresman] [Salt Crystals] [long run to Eucla] [other road residents]

[Camels ahead] [what a Job !] [Grashopper Attack II] [where the streets have no names]

[146 km straight ahead] [House on the road] [45 min. time zones !?!] [next camp ground just around the corner]

[so boring] [Kuthala Pass] [Road & Airstrip] [46 weels]

[Camping in the Desert !?!] [Eucla Camp Ground] [Eucla] [Eucla Telegraph Station Outlook]

[Empty Eucla Camp Ground] [SA-WA Border] [Quarantine Warning] [a short drive away]

[Cliff Line] [Overhanging Cliff]

[wide and flat] [lonesome Coast Line] [Blue and White] [heavy load ahead]

[Overtaking Road Train] [DUST !!!] [passed ...] [Nullarbor Roadhous Panorama]

[Nullarbor Road House] [Windmill Country]

All pictures © Gerhard Ortner

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