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[Kaikoura][Oldtimer near Beach] [Seal Area] [Sunny Beach]

[Having a good time] [Marine Flora] [Waves] [Ready for Whale Watching]

[Albatros] [Sperm Whale ahead] [Blowing Whale] [Taking a deep breath]

[Diving Sperm Whale] [another Fin] [Flunke]

[Comeing uo again] [up to 18m length] [Playing Dolphins]

[Dusky Dolphin] [Swimming next the the boat] [Group of Dolphins] [approaching Harbour]

[Car/Train Bridge] [Salt Production] [near Lake Grassmere] [St. Oswalds - Wharanui]

[Working Sheep-Dogs] [Farmwork] [Black Beach] [Donegal Pub]

[Guinness Cres] [Guinness Production ???]

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