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Austrian Electronic Markets Mirror
Homepage of the AEM/APSM Experiments
Electronic Forecasting Markets Student Site
Homepage of FCM Austria incl. Archive
Experimantal Economics
Some local Experimental Economics Infomation
Some links to Austria, Vienna, ...
Information on different courses I teach
Information on my papers, books, ...
Australia != Austria
The best place in the world to be :-)
Links to newspapers and similar information
Favourite Music from Björk
Some Björk Audios and Videos
Your Beer - My Beer
If Operating Systems Were Beers...
Asterator - my favorite online game
pure strategy to become emperor of the galaxy

Gerhard Ortner
Fachhochschule des bfi
Wohlmutstraße 22, 1020 Wien, Österreich
Gerhard Ortner
University of Applied Sciences
Wohlmutstrasse 22, A-1020 Vienna, Austria

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