Great Ocean Road 2007

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[Petrified Forest] [near Portland] [Port Fairy] [Lunchtime]

[Pt. Fairy Lighthouse] [Bungalow near Marina] [Great Ocean Road West-End] [Overview]

[Bay of Islands] [at the beach] [Waves!] [take care]

[Ichidna] [Wildlife] [Grotto] [London Bridge

[some Beaches] [really steep] [Arch] [Pt. Campbell]

[Sunset I] [Sunset II] [Sunset III] [Sunset IV]

[Sunset V] [Loch Ard etc] [a Apostle] [Beach at Gibson Steps]

[another Apostle] [Stalactite at the Beach]

[my favorite one] [Postcard View] [View to the West] [View to the East]

[Beaches and Beaches and ...] [Koala in Apollo Bay] [sleeping ...] [Climbing ...]

[and another one] [and another] [...] [Gate to the Great Ocean Road]

All pictures © Gerhard Ortner

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