Esperance 2007

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[Esperance Beaches] [Sunday Morning] [lots of perfect beaches] [and some nice islands too]

[11 miles beach] [Breakwater] [relaxing at the beach] [were are the people?]

[Pink Lake] [Woody Lake] [strange Fruits] [peaceful Freshwater Lake]

[Cape Le Grand N.P.] [what a View!] [on top of Frenchman Peak] [who forgot these bolders?]

[Cave at the Top] [wilde Flowers&Bushes] [3km in 2 hours] [Lucky Beach]

[Beach Access] [so flat so white] [YES! no fake] [Thistle Cove]

[Hellfire Bay] [Frenchmen Pike] [uncompareable Beach Etiquette] [Beach-Camper-Mountain Still Life]

[Le Grad Beach]

All pictures © Gerhard Ortner

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