Doubtful Sound

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[Manapouri Power Station] [The Doubtful Sound - Deep Cove] [In the Fjord] [Peaceful Waters]

[Near Wilmot Pass]

[Green Hill] [Mirror] [View Back] [Opening Fjord]

[Overgrown Overhang] [Small Waterfall] [800m Waterfalls] [Chasm after Earthquake]

[Slope Hills] [Moving Along] [Dolphin Alert] [Flying Dolphin]

[Too Fast] [Playing Dolphin] [Seal Rock] [New Zealand Fur Seals]

[Seal Colony] [Green Island] [Mama and Baby] [Ocean View]

[Boiling Tasman Sea] [Rough Waters] [Back Entering Doubtful Sound] [Blanket Bay Hotel]

[Crayfish] [Babyfish] [???] [Preparing Dinner]

[Catch of the Day - Groper]

[Sunset] [Sunrise 7.45 am] [Sunrise 7.50 am] [Sunrise 8.00 am]

[Sunrise 8.05 am] [9.00 am] [Clouds in the Morning] [Leaving Anchorage Ground]

[Small Exit]

[Mystic] [Last View] [The Yacht] [The Blue Periode]

[Lake Manapouri]

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