Broome 2009

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[green ranges] [Cable Beach] [Gantheaume Point] [coast next to the lighthouse]

[japanese cemetery] [Town Beach] [mangroves] [sunset at Broome]

[the first crocodile] [young crocs] [waiting for food] [dinner]

[call it sushi] [ready ...] [... and jump] [Cable Beach II]

[ble camels at Cable Beach] [read to go] [red camels at Cable Beach] [favorite pool to be]

[Broome Airport Gate 1] [Broome Airport Gate 2] [supermarket next to runway] [Broome from the sky]

[Broome Beaches from the sky] [Broome Peninsula I] [Broome Peninsula II] [Beaches west from Broome]

All pictures © Gerhard Ortner

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